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my alts

yeah, so i though i’d share a picture of my alts :D

currently 12 level 85′s  gonna pick a new alt to level, it might be that level 11 hunter ;D or another mage :P


just got my spectral tiger! using it while farming the loremaster title :D

though i’d share this epic moment!
it did cost quite abit :S 180.000 gold to be precise, but its definitely worth it!
and since the mounts will become account bound, i’ll be able to use it on all of my characters !


Welcome to my new blog people!

hi people!

im shamsie, obviously i play a shaman :S

ohh well, i play a shaman in a guild called Eternal Darkness, i’m on their core raiding team.

so i raid 2 times a week with them, and sometimes i do FL achiv runs as well.. and achiv runs in general :D !

Stay tuned!